Blue Summer Dress

Such a sweet girl in her blue summer dress.
But she’s oh so naughty! Why? Can you guess?
Yup there’s no knickers underneath.
And she’s ready to go this little heart thief.
She grasps my hand and pulls me away.
Somewhere more private, somewhere we can play.
Somewhere quiet where she can lift up that skirt.
And show what she’s got, my lil flirt.
Bending over she begs for my cock.
Fill me up Daddy, give what you’ve got.
So, of course I give it, her bawdy wish.
I slip out my manhood, hard ready to gift.
And there we fuck hidden from view.
Yes it’s risky, but what can I do?
Tell me, if it were you there.
Could you resist a pretty girl so fair?
Could you honestly deprive what she needs?
A good spontaneous fuck hidden by trees.
No, you couldn’t, admit the truth.
You’d fuck my angel, knickerless in blue.

Daily Prompt: Haul (Disciplined Ordeal)

Haul your arse up here,

Sit on my lap.

Tell daddy you love him,

Whilst wiggling for a slap.

Slip off your knickers,

Bend over my knee.

Tell me you’re naughty,

With that look of sheer glee.

Let me hear you,

Shriek a happy squeal.

Let’s enjoy this punishing,

Disciplined ordeal.


Hehehe… hardly an ordeal my Beauty, huh?

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