Freshly Fucked

As you strut your stuff,

A true picture of sin.

Fishnets and garters,

On such sexy pins.

You walk over to mount me,

Straddle my thighs.

Look into my soul,

As my cock slips inside.

Wet, warm, and horny,

My dream come so true.

Sliding up and down,

Slowly we screw.

Hell yes! This is heaven,

As we draw nearer to bliss.

Tongues deep in mouths,

Passionate our kiss.

Sighs, grunts,

Letting go.

Cumming together,

Blow for blow.

Fuck you look good,

As you slowly strut.

But damn you look better,

Led here freshly fucked.

Never too much

Swirling emotions
Tacit through touch
Kisses upon kisses
Never too much
Pure pleasure shared
Tasted raw
Never too much
Hush kiss me more

Kissing you was one of the highlights of our time together… nothing says it more… like the song says beauty… it’s in his kiss, or hers for that matter… I felt it, I felt you, I felt our true love ❤