The mix tape I sent you from my childhood til now.

Had so many songs, It’s hard to fathom how.

One man was sewn all the way through,

One guy had a hand in more than a few.

He helped create and influence my musical taste.

He helped my idols set such a blistering pace.

That started me up and set me off to find.

The music I love, all set free from his hallowed grounds.


R.I.P. Martin Birch




Enslaved by lust,

Enslaved by you.

Below the light,

In the dark just us two.

My queen of the night,

The captor of my sin.

Taking me to a darker place,

Where time stands still.

To build with fire,

The essence, the cosmic seed.

Secrets of the flesh,

Through our communion set free.

Enslaved by lust,

Enslaved by you.

What else is there on earth,

That speaks more truth?

Words Of Pure Sin

I want you to read my words,

I want them to get you wet.

I want you to imagine me,

Giving what the type sets.

I want you to dance, to revel,

To delve within heart and flesh.

To drag out deep seated lusts,

That I know your head contests.

I want you to show me,

To show my labours bore fruit.

I want to see you in sinful flight,

I do not want to see you cute.

I want your fingers working,

Hand thrusting false phallus in.

I want you crying my name as you cum,

Inspired by my words of pure sin.


The Showman

Roll up, roll up! Come get it while you can.

Words so sweet, hell, I’m the candy man!

Words to wet all lil girl’s cunts,

Rhymes to inspire every boy in his hunt.

Roll up, roll up! Come watch and learn.

Weaving webs from which you’ll never return.

Words that inspire lust, dragging you to hell.

Rhymes that hex, that cast my spell.

Roll up, roll up! Come now, take my hand,

It won’t hurt a bit to be eternally damned.