To Feel It

A cuddle speaks a bagazzillion words,

A snuggle says even more.

A hug says about the same,

You felt each one I’m sure.

A few words whispered convey our hearts.

A look tells that needed truth.

Things that just don’t type that well,

Meaning more than a text I love you.

So I can’t wait to cuddle again,

I can’t wait to snuggle too.

And I can’t wait to hug you tight,

To look into your eyes and whisper, I love you.


I don’t care why.

There are days I look in the mirror. 

I ask myself why me?

What did I do to deserve this?

This love you give so free.

I see a tear, a tear of pure joy.

Break from blue grey eyes.

For it’s a mystery I’ll never fathom.

I don’t really care to know why.

For our love transcends wisdom.

Our love’s illogical it’s true.

But it feels more right than anything else.

Your love for me and mine for you.

So tomorrow I’ll look into that mirror.

There I’ll see a part of you.

I’ll see it there in my smile.

The love you give shining through.