Enter my emporium

Enter my emporium, my gallery of desires.

View what you’d like, try them for size.

Feel my creations, so tight against your skin.

Let the material cosset you, envelop you in sin.

Leather, latex, rubber, and lace.

Adornments drawn up in Hades’ no other place.

Free of inhibition, garments sewn as flame is hot.

Enter my emporium sweet beauty, come feel what I’ve got.


Legs open and split…

Deep inside my glistening slit

Your hard cock…

Will not quit!!

Pounding my needy cunt like a rock…

My walls feel each and every knock

And I’m moaning my answer

Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhh nnnnnmmmmmm……………..

In and out

Out and in

Hot, rough sex

I’m under your body…

And your hex

Every thrust…

A tidal wave in my ocean

Strong and with wet emotion

Swivel and grind

Grind and swivel

I am losing my mind!!!

Beast…you power DRILL!!!

OMG! What a thrill!!!!!!!

I love my body

When you fuck it…

You are a perfect fit