Some nights are easy,
Some nights are hard.
Sometimes it hurts,
To be so far apart.
Some days hangover,
Sorrow from the night before.
Some days become weeks,
I wish I could be sure.
That it won’t be long,
Til we’re together again.
That it won’t be long,
Til you take away my pain.
But til then the nights,
They’ll come, they’ll pass.
And hope’s comfort soothes,
Til we’re together at last.


Together we’re tinder to roaring flame.

We court depravity, revel in shame.

We’ll probably be damned for what we do.

I’ve done all seven deadlies, done them with you.

I have no intention to recant at all.

I’ll fall with you if my fate is to fall.

For one thing in you I clearly see.

Is hope and soul saving divinity.