Our Home, Sweet Home.

This hotel room, our home, sweet home.
This place to which we willingly roam.
This place that holds both our hearts.
Here together, never ever apart.

This most temporary of safe havens.
Giving a place for our wanton cravings.
The venue for our loving lust.
Here because we simply must.

This hotel room, our home, sweet home.
This place that hears our cries, our moans.
This place that witnesses our carnal sin.
Here as one, with all that that brings.

This temporary den of pure eniquity.
A place for only you, and only me.
The only home that we love to come.
Our place, our time, our palace of fun.


Home is where the heart is,

Unless you are me.

Cos home is a place at times,

From which I wish I could break free.

Home sweet home,

A fallacy we think is real.

When the walls are cold with loneliness,

And living there’s an ordeal.

Home, define the word please,

A house, a dwelling, a place for one’s heart?

A prison, a dormitory, shelter?

I wish I could tell them apart.

Our Nest

You’ve given me stability

In my unstable world

A body to climb on

A place to anchor myself

To keep me from the chaos around, the mortality

Of a life once straight, then all of a sudden…curled

I’ve plucked all my feathers…

And made us a smooth Nest

A place for our souls to rest

A home for just us two

Sliding, locking ourselves inside

The realness of our truth won’t let us hide

Loosening the rusted chains

We sip our inspiration

And as our flesh opens and rains

Our arms extend to fortify the walls

Feeling our pleasure-dome’s perimeter

Inside our private speakeasy…

We speak..easy

Just you

Just me

And one cuppa tea…

via Daily Prompt: Nest