I want to disappear into a world all of my own.

A place that I can become that, into which I’ve grown.

Time has transformed me, like a hermit, I need a new shell.

But I’m trapped in the one on my back, I live for those beside me in my living hell.

I want to reappear into a world that I’ve created, grown.

Where my life is mine, all I do and create, I own.

That I transformed over time, my utopia, my heaven upon this earth.

I just hope it doesn’t take death for my long wished rebirth.

The Showman

Roll up, roll up! Come get it while you can.

Words so sweet, hell, I’m the candy man!

Words to wet all lil girl’s cunts,

Rhymes to inspire every boy in his hunt.

Roll up, roll up! Come watch and learn.

Weaving webs from which you’ll never return.

Words that inspire lust, dragging you to hell.

Rhymes that hex, that cast my spell.

Roll up, roll up! Come now, take my hand,

It won’t hurt a bit to be eternally damned.

Ride the tri chord

Your filthy animal

Your heretical beast

Diminishing the fifth

To get my release

Summoning things

From a place below

To give me strength

To unleash your flow

Licking you higher

Than any flame

Biting and sucking

Vampiretic til your drained

And then it continues

Both our tortured souls

Implode on each other

Before we explode

Like a beacon fire

We burn oh so bright

And for all the sin

We’ll sleep in heaven that night

So Beauty my love

Take this ride with me

And experience pleasures

Banned like the three