Fall to your knees, worship me,

Take my mortal manhood into devoting mouth.

Show me what your religion is,

How you practice avidly, just how fervently devout.

Look into my eyes and see your Lord,

See how benevolent and giving he can be.

Work for his offering, swallow it down,

Feel it bringing you inner peace.

For on this day, I bring you love,

And that’s all I’ll ever preach.

Our religion, each ourselves,

Heaven within our grasp, our reach.

Ride the tri chord

Your filthy animal

Your heretical beast

Diminishing the fifth

To get my release

Summoning things

From a place below

To give me strength

To unleash your flow

Licking you higher

Than any flame

Biting and sucking

Vampiretic til your drained

And then it continues

Both our tortured souls

Implode on each other

Before we explode

Like a beacon fire

We burn oh so bright

And for all the sin

We’ll sleep in heaven that night

So Beauty my love

Take this ride with me

And experience pleasures

Banned like the three

Daily Prompt: Bewildered (Leaving Me Bewildered)

Beauty leaving me bewildered.

How could this girl exist?

It’s as if I’ve died and gone to heaven.

It can’t be! says my inner pessimist .

Beauty leaving me bewildered.

I’m pinching to ensure I’m awake. 

It’s as if I’m in a dreamworld.

And the morning will steal, will take.

Beauty leaving me bewildered.

But deep down I’m really sure.

No god or dream that I could invent.

Could give me a girl I’d love more. 

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