Just You, Just Me

If we could, I think we should

Our fingertips will touch

And we will feel each other’s breath

Dreams falling from our moist lips

Creating warm steam

Swirling like mini tornados

Trapped in here with us

Warming our flesh

We will just stay here



Under the veil

Where our childishness went

The older we got

And we’ll hold each other

And our hopes

Hidden away, here

In our special place

Our bodies somehow whispering

And we can’t let go

Go up for air…

Instead we will hide

Sharing secrets, sharing love

Just you, just me

I love you Beast ❤️

Life Can Be Measured

Life can be measured in inches,

Each inch forced into you.

Each inch slipping out again,

Each inch with which I screw.

Life can be measured in moments,

The moments we create in lust.

The moments that you lose to me,

The moments and hours we fuck.

Life can be measured with blood,

The blood that feeds our hearts,

The blood that engorges my rampant cock,

The blood in the muscles forcing your legs apart.

Life can be measured in so many ways,

So many ways that we get and give what we want,

So many ways to get each other off.

So many ways to drive pleasure’s hunt.