She opened here legs wide apart,

“Is this pink bit here daddy, is this my heart?”

“No my love, that’s your clit.”

I whispered as I knelt to lick.

“But when I’m excited it has a beat!”

“Really my love? That’s pretty neat.”

“Yes daddy, Fuck yes, daddy, daddy don’t stop!”

It was then that her hips started to rock.

So I didn’t stop, I practiced my art.

And licked my way into my babygirl’s heart.

Desire Assua(sausa)ges

Daily musing, and picture cruising

But dreams only happen when we sleep

Those memories we both replay and keep

A distinct strum, a deep bass

Play it Daddy…

Play it like you mean it

My finger swirls, in yours

Combined and intertwined

A good life, indeed

Our love, a beating stampede

Cracking ribcages

Proving to us that our mutual desire assuages

Your Faceless Head

Berries so rarely blue

Sweetness on tap

Your Faceless head

Makes no sound

But your head with a face makes a tell-tale moan

Shifting the tear ‘a firm-ahhhhh…

We’ll fill the empty skies

With our hollow sighs

Creating a solid for us

Marching towards one another

Our shapes will shift

But our dream will never smother

I’ll monitor yours

If you monitor mine

Detecting those electrical impulses

Recording our activity

Measuring our pace…

The one we love-to-make

Protecting against attacks

We’ll perform our surgical sex

As we transplant our love

via Daily Prompt: Faceless

Daily Prompt: Meddle (My Conundrum)

I will meddle with your heart.

I will pull you open, pull you apart.

I will devour your love, take it all.

I will steal it from you, force the fall.

I will tamper with the locks you keep in place.

I will break all manner of device to eventually grace.

Your mind, body, heart, and soul.

I will manipulate to take you whole.

You are going to be mine, captured for sin and more.

You my conundrum, mine to explore.

I will imprison you by breaking you wide.

I will settle and perpetually reside.

via Daily Prompt: Meddle