You Can’t Hurt Me

You can’t hurt me.

I’ll not feel you’re pain.

I’m used to the knocks.

My soul’s been drained.

Look me in the eyes.

Up close, no thousand yard stare.

Feel my breath.

Sense the “I don’t fucking care!”

You can’t hurt me.

My wounds are my shield.

Slashed, cut deep.

But now I’m healed.

Look into my eyes.

See the strength.

Feel my power.

Know I won’t relent.

Love Finds Us

Love finds us,

No matter if we hide.

It seeks a host,

No matter how we’re disguised.

It flourishes,

Strengthens, grows.

It holds us,

If you’ve felt it, you know.

Love finds us,

When we cry out for its warmth.

It binds us,

When our moorings are torn.

It repairs us,

Puts our pieces back into place.

Life wouldn’t be life,

Without love’s blessings, its beauty, its grace.

Torn Apart

Kneeling, raising my heel
In you I saw an achilles
That love had ripped, Torn

You asked for my all

All that I could give 
Which you did willingly
You helped me mend psychologically
And I returned the gesture physically
And healed your heart eternally 
Pain Torn from our flesh
Secret words, hidden meanings
That only we could translate
That only we could amputate
You cut out my heart
Gave me yours in place
Keeping mine to heal
In your beautifully formed good grace 
The sweat of our endeavor 
The rusted old chains it was time to sever
To one another, we are weakness
Vulnerable and exposed
To one another
We’re pleasure, pain
But healing together 
We’re whole again 
Written by Beauty and her hot-as-hell Beast 

via Daily Prompt: Torn

Mending What Was Torn

I could listen to tunes

And escape into the rhythmic lyric

Or I could unlock runes…

And decipher magic, so atmospheric

Casting like someone in your past

My ‘here’ and your ‘NOW’ will contrast…

Like a kismet miscast

Watch me!

Splitting myself into all three

Past, present, and future

Through the eyes of your mythological tree

All six knowing…we will be free

See me look over my shoulder

Watch as my heart disintegrates to ash…

Leaving only its thorns

I was an evergreen…destined to be deciduous

Blasting the ‘fate of norns’

The screaming in my head

Proves I am not yet dead

Hold me Beast, tighter than tight in our thread

It’s my body that you’ve worn

Mending all that was ever Torn

I love you with all my heart❤️

via Daily Prompt: Torn