You Can’t Hurt Me

You can’t hurt me.

I’ll not feel you’re pain.

I’m used to the knocks.

My soul’s been drained.

Look me in the eyes.

Up close, no thousand yard stare.

Feel my breath.

Sense the “I don’t fucking care!”

You can’t hurt me.

My wounds are my shield.

Slashed, cut deep.

But now I’m healed.

Look into my eyes.

See the strength.

Feel my power.

Know I won’t relent.

Neither Our Demand

I like watching my pink substitute slide into your cunt.

I love hearing you moan, enjoying the moment.

I adore the times that you jerk into bliss.

That orgasmic smile, that look of shock as you get your fix.

I hate that I’m not there in place with my cock.

I despise that a toy gives some of what I’ve got.

I abhor that I’ll substitute you with my hand.

For neither are the real thing which we demand.