I’m Horny For You

I’m horny for you,

I want your sex.

I want to fuck you,

Until then I’m vexed.

I desire you,

Long for your cunt.

I crave you,

These words no stunt.

I need you,

Full of my cock.

Taking my cum,

I’m sure it’s no shock.

I’m horny for you,

Cock hard, distraught.

Wanting the actions,

Not just the thoughts.



It’s Hard

I’m hard every morning,

Hard every night.

I’m struggling not stroke it out,

Not cumming is a damned hard fight.

I’m saving my seed for you,

I want you to swallow a full load.

I want to try and drown my cum slut,

I want you cum covered, soaked.

I’m hard right now as I type,

It’s bulging just to tease.

It’s going to torment my weak soul,

Til you take me whilst on your knees.


Sat at work daydreaming of things we’ll do.

Sat hiding a hard on, yes it was true.

Those things that some might think depraved.

Those things some think dirty things we crave.

Sat daydreaming of anal sex, skull fucking too.

With a hidden hard on that belongs inside you.

Those things that we simply need and adore.

Like a cunt full of cum fucked hard til it’s sore.

I sat daydreaming today and I mailed to tell you.

Of my cock and my thoughts of all that we’d do.

And as I expected you replied and agreed.

That I’m not alone in what I need.