As Good As Lust Gets

Watching you watching me.
Through excited eyes each can see.
What they want, their heart’s desire.
It’s time to burn, to stoke the fires.

With deep thought, with deeper touch.
A kiss so soft as I clasp binding cuffs.
Knowing smiles appear on our lips.
A gasp passes forth as hands grasp pert tits.

I have what I want, I have my muse.
To clamp hard nipples, to sexually abuse.
An uncontrolled squeal is met with a slap.
Opened mouth now receives its gag.

Such beauty bound engorges cock.
Arousing whimpers, so fucking hot.
Pain endured wets between your thighs.
Fingers forced in widens surprised eyes.

In and out, around and around.
Drawing your soul out through muffled growls.
Then you cum, you cum with a gush that wets.
And damn this feels good, as good as lust gets.

Fingers Fucking You

Your warm wet warmth feels so nice,

As my fingers probe to your delight.

Slowly teasing your arousal higher,

Adding fuel to your engines fire.

Pushing deep, stroking walls,

Lifting up to your g spot’s call.

Now your ready, your need is true,

Faster, harder, fingers fucking you.

Thrusting in like a Jack hammer,

You try to talk but words just stammer.

Until it happens, I feel the gush,

Your orgasm sparks that most delightful rush.

My wrist you grasp pulling fingers free,

You suck them hard, licking greedily.

A devilish smile appears upon your mouth,

And without a word you push my head south.