You don’t understand how beautiful you are.

Each time I see you it’s like being hit by a car.

It never ever ceases to amaze.

That I’m the one that gets to give you praise.

That you chose me to bestow your love.

That you say that I’m good enough.

You don’t understand how just damned beautiful you really are.

And how hard it is being so far apart.

But you know as I, that it won’t be forever.

And one day we will be together.



That will be forever my Beauty.



Your Blessings

I see your beaming smile,

Your shining eyes,

I ask the world a question,


Why did you choose me?

How could it ever be?

What did I do?

What did you see?

I am in awe,

Of your beauty from skin to core,

I pinch myself,

Am I dreaming? I can’t be sure.

I wake each and everyday,

With the hope that you’ve stayed,

For I adore you so,

That’s all I can say.

I don’t know why or how,

But I’m forever grateful, grateful now,

That you given me your blessings,

Which I now beg you to always endow.



I love you My Beauty, forever ☠☠


My Scheme

In cuffs and a collar,

You are but my dream.

Unable to deflect,

The will of my scheme.

With a gag and a blindfold,

More senses removed.

Those except,

For the ones that I choose.

Your skin is alive,

Goosebumped, waiting for touch.

Your pussy getting wetter,

Building an ache in your crotch.

Legs spread by a bar,

Spread open wide.

Unable to stop the first droplet,

Escape down your thigh.

Hands secured,

Above your sweet head.

The anticipation it holds,

Both excitement and dread.

But now, it’s my time,

What I do next is for me.

It’s what I want,

It’s what I need.

The slightest pinch,

Upon your you taut lil breast.

Sends a shock wave out,

South to north, east to west.

The hard upward slap,

That shocks your wet cunt.

Removes your composure,

Draws an uncomfortable grunt.

The unseen biting teeth,

Leave my mark on your arse.

Raise a muffled scream,

Summon determination as I laugh.

But what is pain,

Without pleasure hand in hand.

As the vibrating wand,

Now brings a demand.

It finds your clit,

It finds your core.

It pulls out orgasmic ecstasy,

Til it drips upon the floor.

You can hardly catch breath,

As my palm slaps your flesh.

Every place touched,

Not just buttocks and breasts.

I want your whole body,

To feel that sting.

I want every inch,

Of your skin to sing.

Before I release you,

Before I give succour.

Before I comfort,

Become gentle lover.

Then your reward,

Your gift is returned.

And with warmth and true love,

You receive what you’ve earned.

Respect and admiration,

For your sweet sacrifice.

My love and affection,

For the rest of our lives.








The words pour forth in a torrents at times.

I can write what I want, what I need to write.

These words come, they come from you.

You inspire me to write and its all I can do.

Thankyou my beauty, for your patience and time.

Thankyou for your love and accepting mine.

For without you, I’d be a vast barren plain.

You give my mind life, you make insanity sane.