I am your slave,

You own me.

You possess me,

My body, My soul.

I want you,

To use me,

To utilise me,

My cock, fingers, tongue, all of me whole!

I am your pleasure,

It pleases me,

Apeases me,

Gives me meaning, a reason to be.

I need you,

You need me,

You have freed me,

My adored Goddess, my world, you make me, me.


The Woodsman

The Woodsman lives alone,

Lives amongst the trees.

The earth can give most of what he wants,

But cannot give all his needs.

The Woodsman needs a mate,

A woman by his side.

Someone to share his creations,

To be a half of his life.

There with the earth and his Goddess,

The Woodsman can finally be free.

Living, breathing, and loving,

His world and it’s natural beauty.



Naked and waiting for me and my love,

Naked and needing to be roundly fucked.

Naked as the very day that you were born.

Naked, just you totally unadorned.

Looking like a goddess, beautiful  to me,

Looking just how you’re meant to be.

Free, unchained, impassioned, hot!

You’ve got what I need, you’ve got the fucking lot.

Naked and waiting for me and my love,

Naked and needing to be roundly fucked.

Naked, nothing hidden, all on show to see.

Naked as I want you, how I need you to be.

You Just You

You just you, nothing else.

Pictures that make more than my heart melt.

Pictures that make my hard cock ooze.

Pictures of you my sweet sexy muse.

You just you, nude as born.

Sexy as hell, but much more warm.

Pictures that show me all that I miss.

Pictures that you thankfully gift.

You just you, the Goddess I praise.

That you chose me, I’m still amazed.

Pictures we’ll make, you and I.

Held in our minds til the end of time.