Sunday’s Sinful Suggestion

Please let me offer a suggestion.
A thought of what you might need.
I think it’d help release stress.
Help you feel good, perhaps fill you with glee.
Let me impart a little suggestion.
An idea for some time to yourself.
Be it in the shower, in bed, or behind a closet door.
Just go, I promise, it’s good for your health.
Let me assist you with a suggestion.
Just go wherever to find the real you.
Go and get off in the best way you can.
You’ll feel much better, I know it to be true.
Let me offer this glorious suggestion.
In good faith that it will always be.
That the best things we can do for ourselves.
Come with our own touch and sinful sexuality.

Little Ray Of Sunshine

Let me slip a little ray of sunshine into your day.

Let me slip my hard cock into your cunt, all the way.

Let me go about that which fills you with glee.

Let me fuck you long and hard til your weak at the knees.

Let me give you that lift that I know that you need.

Let me be what you want, let me be me.

Let yourself go and enjoy my loves gift.

Let yourself bask in the light that it gives.