Needed Angels

If ever we needed angels,

We need angels now.

If we ever needed to love,

We need that love now.

For thy neighbour will need both,

In coming days and weeks.

The people that we love,

Will doubtless need to seek.

So as we close in upon ourselves,

Let’s open up our hearts.

And not forget that all in our world,

Are feeling the hits come hard.

If ever we needed angels,

We need angels now.

So be ready to help who you can,

In any which way or how.

No Ordinary Couple

We’re no ordinary couple, me and you.

Nothing is boring in what we do.

We see sights and do wonderful things.

Nothing, is as it would seem.

To the onlooker we walk holding hands.

But they’ve no idea how deep that runs.

That we saved each other from certain death.

We literally give each other our next living breath.

We’re no ordinary couple, me and you.

I’ll defy anyone alive or dead to try and disprove.


Aching, battered and bruised.

But it’s what I do, what I choose.

When I was just 16 years old.

Into the pit I went, since then I was sold.

The Music, the violence, the danger, the life.

I can’t watch a band and stand still all night.

I need to feel the aggression in raw form.

Thrashing around kicking up a storm.

But I fear as age creeps up I’ll not keep the pace.

I’ll look a fool not aging with grace.

Then think fuck it! That’s my I’m here!

And I’ll suffer tomorrow, but not shed a tear.

For I know I’ve been true to my cause.

And I’ll keep thrashing til they close my tomb door.