Savage Lust

Savage lust,

Animalistic intent.

Your beast is roused,

Won’t fall til he’s spent.

His eyes see,

What his cock needs.

His nose scents,

What he craves for feed.

The mood is set,

The chords are struck.

Tonight you’ll take,

My feral fuck.

No play or prep,

As my takedown ensues.

Bent over, impregnated,

Primordially abused.

Fucked fast, fucked hard,

You howl with delight,

As your filled with cum,

Your pillow you bite.

And then the hit,

You let out your scream.

Crying as you cum,

Stunned by the release.

Falling exhausted,

Lust out of captivity.

Savouring the moon’s mood,

Tamed, yet set free.





Daily Prompt: Forest (Let me take you to the forest)

Let me take you to the forest,

Let me tie you to a tree.

Let me fuck you with mother nature,

Watching me set myself free.

Let me release my feral being,

Let me ravage you as a beast.

Let me show you how wild I am,

I want it, this is no tease.

Let me take you to the forest,

Let me show you what’s out there.

Let me give you what’s inside me,

Come hike with me… if you dare.

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