That Sight, That Feeling

You have the most beautiful eyes,

I see the love, there’s no disguise.

I feel it too when you hold my hand,

I can tell it’s real by how you stand.

You need to be near me,

As I need to be near to you.

We fight for closeness,

Sticking together like glue.

And then I see it in your beautiful eyes,

The reflection of love that I hold inside.

I feel it too, in our soft loving kiss,

That sight, that feeling, that’s what I miss.

I fell asleep

I fell asleep feeling love,

The warmth in my heart glowed.

I passed into slumber unannounced,

Held in love you have to know.

I couldn’t have been happier,

I couldn’t ask for more.

Than how you hold me tight,

And keep the flame burning at my core.

I fell asleep feeling love,

The warmth in my heart still burns.

For distance cannot change that fact,

No matter how fast this world turns.

Until it becomes holy

It’ll never feel like this again

We can try, but it won’t

Pretty and eyes-to-eyes

Our secrets, without their disguise

The inspiration for greatness

Propels us forward

And we run into the streets!

And we play under our sheets!

Making believe in the world’s auditorium

Only you, only me…

And our near-perfect fantasy

Hold me close…hold me like that

Like it’s real, like you mean it

Softly, and slowly…

Until it becomes holy

Daily Prompt: Invisible (Complicated Man)

Can you see me, see who I am?

Can you distinguish the boy from the man?

Can you read my moods, know when to play?

Can you decipher the codes sent your way?

Are these things evident, clearly on show?

Are they apparent, or is it hard to know?

Tell me Beauty, have you worked me out?

Or am I so deep and twisted as to make you doubt?

Can you really see me, see who I am?

Or am I an enigma, an invisible man?

via Daily Prompt: Invisible

Just right

Is our love extraordinary?

A game changer, something new?

I know it is for me,

I know you think so too.

I feel blessed that it’s happened to us,

Special that we’ve seen this light.

For I know many never will,

I mourn their lonely plight.

For it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had,

Each nerve, each tract of channelled emotion.

A gut full of butterflies set to burst,

Or a feeling of waters awash in motion.

The physical brought about by love,

Feelings from way off afar.

Can make our bodies react so much,

The pounding beating of hearts.

But that’s nothing to what we both felt,

When we held each other tight.

That to me is what’s extraordinary,

How together we feel just right.