Whispering, Licking, And Loving

My hands form a wall
But I can see through
Reality divine and bete noire
The tail of my two kitties

You are like the Eiffel Tower
I can’t look away
Hard from base to tip
Monumental beauty

When desire meets reality
Am I but a jewel without its setting?
A figment time has preserved
My heart, internally bursting

As desire wettens us like a shower
Every day becomes Valentine’s Day
Your mouth and heart shaped lip
Whispering, licking, and loving


Did you ever have that feeling?

That feeling like you’d burst.

The build up of pure emotion,

Sinking so deep, totally immersed.

Did you ever have that feeling,

The pressure forcing out tears.

No matter how you try to contain,

They break and just appear.

Some days I get that feeling,

At each end of the spectrum of love.

An all consuming happiness,

Or the depression of being totally bust.

Some days I’ve had those feelings,

I’ve had them both in turn.

Some days I want it to go away,

But others it’s that for which I yearn.



Love Finds Us

Love finds us,

No matter if we hide.

It seeks a host,

No matter how we’re disguised.

It flourishes,

Strengthens, grows.

It holds us,

If you’ve felt it, you know.

Love finds us,

When we cry out for its warmth.

It binds us,

When our moorings are torn.

It repairs us,

Puts our pieces back into place.

Life wouldn’t be life,

Without love’s blessings, its beauty, its grace.