Yes we’re possessive, we’re jealous too.

I don’t want anyone else wanting you.

Just like you, you want me

You don’t want anyone seeing what you see.

There’s nothing wrong, in passionate want.

Just be aware there’ll be some bumps.

Some looks, some jibes, some sulky times.

You’ll have yours and I’ll have mine.

But deep deep down we both truly know.

We’ll never change, never ever let go.


Hard To Describe

It’s hard to describe,

The feeling inside,

The excitement that builds,

The sheer act of will.

My chest swells,

The tears well,

Butterflies swirl,

I’m going to see my girl.

My fingers tingle,

Thoughts never come single,

A million at a time,

Ravage my mind.

It’s so hard to describe,

The feelings that I try to hide,

For the enigma that is us,

The excitement that is brought by our love.


Give That Feeling Now

Send me into rapture,

Give what I crave.

Give what only you have,

Give me depraved.

Bring me that feeling,

That gut churning surge.

That overwhelming need,

That pulsating urge.

Deliver unto me,

Feeling your way inside.

Feeling primal impulses,

Feeling what we hide.

Absorb the fruits of your labour,

Now take your reward.

Now suck up what you’ve created,

Now but wanting more.


Nothing turns me on like the spark in your eyes.

The glint of shining mischief that come with your smile.

Nothing stirs my soul like the the aura you eminate.

The feeling you impart, that your soul creates.

Nothing compares to you, nothing could ever be improved.

You have no idea how your perfection has me truly moved.

Nothing created, or yet to come into being.

Will compare to what I see, compare to how I’m feeling.