Until it becomes holy

It’ll never feel like this again

We can try, but it won’t

Pretty and eyes-to-eyes

Our secrets, without their disguise

The inspiration for greatness

Propels us forward

And we run into the streets!

And we play under our sheets!

Making believe in the world’s auditorium

Only you, only me…

And our near-perfect fantasy

Hold me close…hold me like that

Like it’s real, like you mean it

Softly, and slowly…

Until it becomes holy

Daily Prompt: Tend (Tend To)

I tend to like things you do too.

Like folding you up to deeply screw.

I tend to enjoy the dreams we share.

Dreams come true like your arse spanked bare.

I tend to want things I know you’ll provide.

Like fucking your throat while tightly tied.

We tend to share the same open mind.

That allows our fantasies to actually unwind.

via Daily Prompt: Tend

I’m Not Different

My sex-drive…

Was in over-drive

Which is how I liked it

I know what I needed…

And I went after it

Unless it came after me first

Oooh those urges…


I probably shouldn’t have…


I broke the lock

And read every page:









My heart sank

All the way down

I could feel it under my big-toe

It was weighted with so much…woe

And was shifting me…down…down…down

Slowing my pace

I wasn’t so different

And that realization set me free