The Room Pt4.

I lie with you softly kissing, softly stroking over your beautiful body with the lightest of finger tip caresses. You’re floating in a wonderfully warm post orgasmic state, the gentle strokes prolonging, enhancing your bliss. You feel the love sliding over your hot skin and bathe in it, absorbing it, until you realise there’s a rock hard cock laid against your hip.
“Mmmmm…” You hum into my mouth as you reach down and grasp my phallus.
“I haven’t even used this yet.” You whisper stroking along it’s length, squeezing over its head.
“It’s yours Babygirl, do what you like with it.” I whisper provocatively back still stroking your soft warm skin.
At that moment you draw away from my lips and slowly work your way away from my mouth down the bed. Still stroking my hardness you manoeuvre me over onto my back where you settle between my thighs.
Your eyes widen as you smile like a cat that got the cream.
“It’s fucking perfect, your cock is fucking perfect.” You state as your other hand joins in to massage me.
“It’s just a cock.” I smile, flattered by your adoring words.
“No, believe me, it is not just a cock.” You retort as your head drops and your tongue laps up a glistening droplet of precum that you squeezed up from within.
“It’s fucking perfect.” You say before lazily licking around its sensitive crown triggering a rush of cheek achingly grin worthy pleasure.
“Oh God that’s good.” I stutter as your circle again causing involuntary spasms to judder my legs either side of you.
You have no more words for me, just actions. You pull down, drawing my foreskin back, my frenelum pulled tight as you lap up over it before enveloping my glans with lips that plunge down taking me almost into your throat. You pull up slightly and use your tongue to somehow massage my whole manhood within your mouth, it feels wonderful.
I close my eyes and take in the feelings as you slowly bob your head up and down, I smile as I find a plain that meditation could never reach. Pleasure cosseting me, you pleasuring me, more than anything or anyone ever could. Your hands slide up my shaft and with your mouth concentrate on the head of my cock, the pinnacle of your fixation. I feel nervous fireworks launching all over my body, nerve endings tingle as my body gives over to the ache that’s built up in my scrotum and lower abdomen. Then as you work feverishly your whole upper body rising and falling onto me forces the dam to break. My legs shoot straight and I see stars as the eruption of sperm fires into your still sucking mouth. I grunt and gasp and clutch your head as your tongue again goes to work licking up every drop as it oozes from my core.
“Daddy! You gave me a gift!” You eventually grin, your hand still working, squeezing my cock.
I gather my senses and smile in a state of shock… “I did?” I laugh intoxicated by lust.
“Yup! And I want more!” You say with a bratty determination matched only by the jerking of your hand on my still hard cock.

The Room Pt3.

I slowly lick up the last few centimetres of your smooth warm thigh, pausing close enough to your pussy to breathe in your aroma, to take in your aroused scent. I feel the tension in your toned thighs as I rest a palm on each to push them open. Your labia now visible glistens in the warm twilight, so inviting, so damned horny! You tip your pelvis up, impatience getting the better of you as your body begs for release. Pursing my lips I gently blow a focused cool stream of air over her. You squirm and roll your hips lifting almost to my lips. I get the message loud and clear as my thumbs massage your upper thighs my head finally drops and my tongue laps up lazily over your wet dew coated slit.
You gasp! The tension and raw anticipation taking you half way to your desired destination. Satisfied that I’m going in the right direction my hand slips up onto your pubis pushing up and in turn pulling your clit up exposing her to my now quickly flickering tongue.
“Fuck!” You gasp holding your head in your hands as I wrap my lips around your exposed sensitive nub. I suck her while deftly using my tongue to stimulate and pressure her directly. Your legs shake as the sensations spill out into your network of nerves that now buzz with pleasure.
I release her giving you a moment of respite in which you gather your thoughts, but the moment is fleeting as my finger slips in between your soft pink labial lips deep into your wet vagina.
You growl at me as I start to tease your clit fiercely with flashing tongue and simultaneously beckoning finger inside. I draw over the rough patch at your vaginal roof again and again, the dual stimulation of finger and sucking mouth drag your orgasm forth with astounding results. You convulse hard and cry out as if in pain, drawing back away from me up the bed.
“Oh no you dont!” I demand as I follow you and grasp your thighs pushing my face into your soaking crotch.
“No Daddy, No! It’s too much!” You squeal as your hands try to push my head down away from your pulsing cunt, but my arms wrap around your legs and I get you in a hold like a wrestler going for a three count. Keeping you in my grasp my mouth clamps hard onto your clit and I suck harder than before. Your fists grab handfuls of my short auburn hair, so hard it feels like you’ll pull it free from my scalp. That is until my sucking mouth pushes you over the edge into oblivion again, you release my head and grab the bedsheets wide at either side and rise grimacing into the flames of another burning orgasm. This time I release you, I let you be, let you soar in the pleasure I bestowed.
Sidling up beside you I kiss you softly looking at your shell shocked expression.
“I’ve missed you my love.” I whisper quietly. “I’ve missed you so much!”
You look up to the ceiling and start to laugh.
“I’ve missed you too.” You reply turning to kiss my cum covered mouth.
“I’ve missed you too.”

The Room Pt2.

I push forward, pushing you back towards the bed, as we reach the edge you drop back and lie looking up at me. I’ve waited a long time to be here, to be with my dream come true again. I climb onto the bed above you and kiss you softly, I kiss your lips, your cheek, your ear and lick around and down to your neck. You scrunch down as my beard tickles you, but I growl and bite your shoulder playfully. My hand roams again from your waist up to cup your pert little breast, but I want to feel you, not your sweatshirt. So I lift myself up and bring you with me and once we’re up I pull your sweat and t shirt up and off over your head. You’re wearing the pretty little pink and blue bra, I ponder if you have the matching panties on, but I’m not really worried as they won’t be on for long if you do.
You reach up and lift my t shirt off, you softly kiss my broad bare chest as I reach around you to undo your pretty little bra. You lie back again and leave the bra in my hands. You’re a vision to behold, pert little breasts with hard shrivelled little nipples. I drop the bra and kiss down from your lips to your neck, to your chest, mouthing my way to suckle and lick around those taut tight buds. You gasp and clutch my head, no one has done this since I was last with you, no one gives you what I give.
Your breaths deepen and I feel your arousal build beneath me, your fingers intertwine in my hair as you caress my scalp. I lick across from one nipple to the other to suck and tease with my tongue.
You pull me up to kiss again, this time softer, wetter. A surreal ethereal veil seems to cover us as we lose ourselves in arousal. I move down again wetting your skin with saliva, licking every inch that I can. Your nipples harden further as I blow over their wetness cooling them, sensations that heat your core.
My hands gently stroke down your flanks and underneath you, where I grasp the top of your joggers and panties and pull them down so far, but have to stand to undo and remove your running shoes before completing the actions that leave you naked before me.
You look at me timidly, legs closed and hand over your vagina, I look at you as I kick of my shoes and undo my belt to step out of my shorts revealing my cock, hard, bulging and rampant. Your eyes widen, but I shake my head and open your thighs with my knees to sink and slowly kiss teasing upwards from your knees. I grasp the hand covering your sex and move it aside, and there before me the sight that hardens my cock like nothing else, your shaven neat little cunt, just needing to be eaten.

The Room Pt1.

We walk to the room laden with bags in both hands. Leaving the elevator the high floor is dizzying as I look out over the open courtyard. So much so I avert my eyes to your arse, your sexy peach of an arse in its hugging grey joggers to steady my slight slip into vertigo.
You stop at room number 830 and struggle to transfer a bag over to free a hand to retrieve the key card to our home for the next four nights.
“Give it to me.” I offer whilst out stretching fingers to take the bag you’re trying to move. You smile and as you hook the bag onto my hand you kiss my full soft lips. I taste and catch the aroma of your fruity lip balm, and as what was supposed be a short peck delves deeper our mouths open and our tongues pour into one another, swirling, probing, only to suddenly stop as your hand finds the key to the room.
The key’s RFID connects and is recognised by the lock, it lights the little green LED and lets us in. As you open the door I get a sudden surge of adrenalin that banishes the last remnants of tiredness from my long haul flight.
You enter first, I follow, and as the door closes behind me I drop my bags and grasp you into my wanting embrace. It’s been months since I last held you, but here and now it feels like I’d never left. Our mouths find each other and carry on where they were outside the room, but now there’s a ferocity, now there’s an intent that I never want to stop. My hands wander over your body, reacquainting, rediscovering. I slip a hand into your waist band and squeeze the soft smooth arse I’d been eyeing up on my way in.
You pull back and giggle putting down your bag before pulling me into the next room. Soft evening light pours in through the floor to ceiling panoramic window, the outlook shows a glorious view over a calm ebbing tide. It’s almost as beautiful as you, but as we spin around by the bed the sun lights your slim beautiful face, your sharp blue eyes, your glistening lips, I smile and think “who am I kidding?” The view in this room is better than any panoramic view, nature created the bay, nature created you, but I know which I love the most.
I hold you by your hips and look into your eyes and whisper “You’re beautiful, thank you! Thank you for letting me come, for having me.”
“Thank you for coming to see me!” You reply before wrapping your arms around me and squeezing me tight. As I squeeze you back the kiss reengages, the kiss envelops us, takes over our very being. It’s like were trying to enter into each other’s body, trying to take possession through passion’s wonderful act, but we’re not trying anything, we’re succeeding, we’re succeeding in opening up, and opening the door to our very own piece of heaven.