Did you ever have that feeling?

That feeling like you’d burst.

The build up of pure emotion,

Sinking so deep, totally immersed.

Did you ever have that feeling,

The pressure forcing out tears.

No matter how you try to contain,

They break and just appear.

Some days I get that feeling,

At each end of the spectrum of love.

An all consuming happiness,

Or the depression of being totally bust.

Some days I’ve had those feelings,

I’ve had them both in turn.

Some days I want it to go away,

But others it’s that for which I yearn.



Just right

Is our love extraordinary?

A game changer, something new?

I know it is for me,

I know you think so too.

I feel blessed that it’s happened to us,

Special that we’ve seen this light.

For I know many never will,

I mourn their lonely plight.

For it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had,

Each nerve, each tract of channelled emotion.

A gut full of butterflies set to burst,

Or a feeling of waters awash in motion.

The physical brought about by love,

Feelings from way off afar.

Can make our bodies react so much,

The pounding beating of hearts.

But that’s nothing to what we both felt,

When we held each other tight.

That to me is what’s extraordinary,

How together we feel just right.