The opposite of frigid…

In search of…just like Spock

I drove the screw

And I ate the beef


Lost in space, lost in-between

Where the frigid-air

And I were seducible


Oh those dreams on cubes of ice!

Silvery blades carving

The sculptures only I could see


Addiction was a top-secret-diary I would unlock

Have a drink on me!…Yes! You, and you and you too!

The euphoria I wanted forever, was only too brief


But in those moments, I was The Queen!

And all sorts of magic happened in my lair…

Until the curtain got pulled back, a crucible


Alcohol was the opposite of paradise

It left my body and soul starving

And it nearly killed me


Now I am 5 years sober,

The opposite of Frigid,

And madly in love with a Beast!

via Daily Prompt: Frigid