Muse Like You

I’d always dreamt of a muse like you.
A girl to do the things I’d do.
A girl to share my fantasies.
A girl that shared the same dreams as me.
I’d always longed for a muse like you.
A girl that was truly engaged, enthused.
A girl that wanted all I did.
A girl wanting all that I could give.
I’d always dreamt of a muse like you.
And girl you came, making my dreams come true.

My Dream

Last night, you were in my dreams.
My princess of perv, between my knees.
You stroked, you sucked, you gagged on cock.
Having the time of our lives, when you turned, I fucked.
I rammed in from behind, fucking you hard.
Your head under my desk, face shocked, alarmed.
For I didn’t hold back, I gave every ounce.
By the end when I came, you looked battered, trounced.
You were as happy as I was exhausted, your face flushed with a smile.
And then you got back under the desk and I worked for a little while.
I wonder what the dream meant, what it says about me.
For you lived under my desk and I fucked you as hard as can possibly be.

True story…