Western Sky

As the sun sets in the West, I look your way.

Tracing the high jet’s vapour trail.

It takes a route I wish above all I were on.

Wishing I were there not here like the Pink Floyd song.

As the sun sinks below the horizon I’d cross.

I listen of crazy diamonds and his loss.

But for each cloud that’s absent from this blue sky.

The thought of you, your silver lines fill my mind.

They keep me afloat, keep my head above the waves.

The thought of you, that plane, and our wishes to be saved.

Within Your Gushy Heart

Cosmetic flaws that get in the way

A woman’s worth, strangled desire

I have a sexual life, and I want to live

So much love, so much to give

Is it my mind? My spire?

And all those things that you say?

I want to blend with you

All immodesty and immersive

I know how you feel

Your pink skin, so soft

I know how you feel

Within your gushy heart

I know how you feel

When your body looks at mine

Oh…the games we play

Igniting us both like fire

Passionate, collaborative

I revel in you my beautiful man❤️

You are simply magnificent ❤️

City Of Dreams

Once again you’re in the city of dreams.

I wonder if each turned corner reminds of our scenes.

Walks to the park, a burrito or two.

Holding hands and laughing,

Me and you.

Once again you’re in the city of dreams.

Where we make love breaking free.

Beds on fire with our wanton lust.

Feeling each other,

Enshrined in trust.

Once again you’re in the city of dreams.

I wish I were too, you know what it means.

It means the world to me you know.

It means the world,

You have to know.