Muse Like You

I’d always dreamt of a muse like you.
A girl to do the things I’d do.
A girl to share my fantasies.
A girl that shared the same dreams as me.
I’d always longed for a muse like you.
A girl that was truly engaged, enthused.
A girl that wanted all I did.
A girl wanting all that I could give.
I’d always dreamt of a muse like you.
And girl you came, making my dreams come true.

A Love That’s True

Your long sexy legs,

Your sweet peachy arse,

Your itty little tits,

You know I’ll never pass.

You are my living dream,

The girl I longed to love,

You give me everything,

All  I regarded as a must.

You’ve never let me down,

You’ve given me back my hope,

You are my sense, my reason,

You help me, help me cope.

It’s a miracle worthy of a saint,

The fact that I found you,

All the way across the globe,

I found a love that’s true.




I am your slave,

You own me.

You possess me,

My body, My soul.

I want you,

To use me,

To utilise me,

My cock, fingers, tongue, all of me whole!

I am your pleasure,

It pleases me,

Apeases me,

Gives me meaning, a reason to be.

I need you,

You need me,

You have freed me,

My adored Goddess, my world, you make me, me.