My Dream

Last night, you were in my dreams.
My princess of perv, between my knees.
You stroked, you sucked, you gagged on cock.
Having the time of our lives, when you turned, I fucked.
I rammed in from behind, fucking you hard.
Your head under my desk, face shocked, alarmed.
For I didn’t hold back, I gave every ounce.
By the end when I came, you looked battered, trounced.
You were as happy as I was exhausted, your face flushed with a smile.
And then you got back under the desk and I worked for a little while.
I wonder what the dream meant, what it says about me.
For you lived under my desk and I fucked you as hard as can possibly be.

True story…

An Angel Reincarnate

When angels die, do they fall to earth?
Do they come here for their rebirth?
Do I see before me now,
An angel reincarnate, fallen from a cloud.
When angels die, do they retain the look?
Do they hold the beauty from paradise they took?
Is the vision before me heaven on earth?
An angel reincarnate, for which I’d searched.
When angels die, is the cycle complete?
Do they get more beautiful as this cycle repeats?
Could what I see now ever improve?
An angel reincarnate, an angel like you.


Escape with me from this world of pain.

Forget war, disease, political shame.

Enter our minds, reside in the dream.

Forget for a few minutes, wipe your thoughts clean.

Our brains have the capacity to take us away.

To transport us back to the times when we’ve played.

Happy times, full of smiles and much more.

Energised times, from which true joy was spawned.

Escape with me from this world of pain.

Forget war, disease, political shame.

Take a few breaths give yourself some respite.

Before entering recharged into this world’s bitter fight.