The Fantasy

The fantasy
The dream
Your naked
Your bound
Your knees
High as chin
Open wide
Cunt glistening proud
In my hand
As it rests
Pushed hard
Upon clit
Til you’re a shaking
Orgasmic mess
The fantasy
The dream
You’ve no choice
In what comes
For I’m in control
I decide
When you are finished
When I am done.

I’m Not Here To Tease You

I’m not here to tease you,

I’m here to get you off.

I’m here to fuck you senseless,

To take you hard and rough.

Tonight I’m a blunt instrument,

I’m orgasms guaranteed.

I’ll have you in a jellied mess,

In no time at all, you’ll see.

My fingers, cock, and tongue,

Are more than ready for use.

You’re sure my word is my bond,

You know this beast speaks the truth.

I’m not here to tease you,

I’m here to make you cum.

I’m going to fuck you and so much more,

You’ll not know what hit you, once this beast is done.

Spank Me.

I want to be punished,

To be spanked for what I’ve done.

Hell, I want to be spanked,

Even when I’ve done nothing wrong.

I want to give you the power,

The power to tie me down.

I want you to dominate me,

To batter me, to beat me hard and sound.

I want to feel the burn,

The stinging warmth from your hand.

I want to recede,

Make a boy from this perverted man.

I want to feel the pain,

That makes my cock hard to cum.

I want you to milk my tears, my cries,

Wanking me off as you pound my babyboy bum.