Use Your Face

I’m going to use your face like your cunt,

Fill it with cum.

Hold your head down,

Until I say your done.

I’m going to orally abuse,

Cos I like, and I choose.

Deep throat domination,

My sadistic persuasion.

I’m going to use your face like your cunt,

Because you want me too,

You love it like me,

To have you mouth screwed.

I’m going to choke you with cock,

Ram my seed down.

Leave you looking like hell,

Damn near drowned.


I Take Innocence

I take innocence

Tear it apart in despair

I grasp it in fist

A handful of hair

I fill its mouth

With the lust hung between my thighs

I fuck its face

Revelling in its tear filled eyes

I use it to feed

My blackened soul

I need it more and more

To make me feel whole

I take innocence

In its pure sweetest form

And fuck into into hell

Unto me the whore is born