Just Carbon

Yeah we’re just carbon
Elements, nothing more
So explain how
I’m such a dirty whore
Reveal the reasons
Einstein didn’t explain
Why I love to fuck
To give and receive pain
Yeah we’re just carbon
Coal in another form
But how can it be
I’m your dirty whore
Enlighten as to why
Hawking took it to his grave
The reason this boy
Is so horny, so fucking depraved

You Really Are

You really are such a good lil slut,

Dropping all to come and get fucked.
You really are such a delightful lil whore.
Pulling open your arse begging more Daddy more.
You really are such an adorable lil bitch.
Constantly needy with that permanent itch.
You really are such a wonderful lil miss.
Getting all your holes stuffed full with cock and jizz.