Fantasy, reality,

For us made true, the same.

Whatever we can imagine possible,

We’ll make happen whatever the pain.

You and I are determined,

We have faith in our collective resolve.

And we have the wherewithal,

To conquer any problem, we will solve!

Love, our love,

Fuels this ethic, this pact we’ve made.

Love, our true heartfelt love,

Will bring as together soon, again.


It’s been two years, 

Give or take a few days. 

Since I first saw you, 

Since we started to play. 

We’ve had the highest highs, 

We’ve had extreme lows.

Our very own bodies, 

Dealing out blows. 

But strength is our forte, 

Physically and in mind. 

Strength to get through, 

All obstacles we find.

Strength built with love, 

The component most pure.

The foundation of us, 

True and sure.

It’s been two years, 

Give or take a few days. 

And our love is stronger, 

In every way. 


I love you Beauty. I remember the day that you were told I’d fuck and forget.  I remember the conversation about two years and we’re done. I remember the question,  do you still want me?

Well, I’m here, you’re here and I’m deeper in love now than ever. 

I love you Beauty,  I always will, we are FOREVER 🖤🖤🖤

Daily Prompt: Brave (You’ve been brave)

You’ve been brave my love,

Through hell you’ve walked.

I held your hand,

Kept at bay the doubt that stalked.

You’ve been brave my love,

Endured pains so deep.

I held you tight,

As tears you did weep.

You’ve been brave my love,

As you walked from dark to light.

To where we made love,

To where we exchanged vows in the night.


I love you Beauty… we made it to light together 😍😙❤

via Daily Prompt: Brave