Destiny of Hearts

You and I will never grow old,

To many things to do, so many stories to be told.

Forever young inside our hearts,

Not beaten down as our youth slowly departs.

For we are timeless, eternal, we are forever,

Whatever tries to stop us, will not, ever!

Because when I look into your burning eyes,

I see where my fire, where my passion lies.

And age can never change the destiny of hearts.

For we were bound for eternity right from the start.

A Passage

And it was in this place,

Year after year.

That I realised my place,

Was to rot right here.

That my true face,

Was veiled in fear.

That hidden face,

Hiding it’s tears.

But I broke the bonds,

I shed the cloak.

Free of those bonds,

I finally awoke.

To travel afar,

To be in your arms.

I travelled that far,

To make my new start.

Lyft me up

It was a lyft coming right at me
Crossing the line, you just don’t
And my heart seized
Remembering how you teased

How we giggled as we followed one another
Deep into our never never land
Our promises, our swearing
We made our BFF pact…
This would be an adventure of a lifetime

And then,
My cat-like reflexes averted disaster
My path took another swerve