Tonight, right now

I want to tell you what to do
Tonight, right now
I want to tell you how to touch me
Tonight, right now
I want to tell you what to do…
Tonight and every night
This incredible burden of unhappiness
I want you to take it from me
Cut me open
Reach inside
Rip it from me
Limb from limb
Breaking the limbs as you go
I need something
I need someone
Tonight, right now

Death Sits Watching

Death sits watching 

Scythe to hand

Looking and waiting

For the weakest of men

He looks for battles 

He watches the wars

He looks to the hospitals

His favourite wards

He watches the lonely

He waits for the weak

He’s watching you

He’s watching me

Death sits watching

Scythe sharpened bright

Looking and waiting

To end someone’s life



Alive of an overdose

I am fascinated with its song

Pink tongue behind perfect teeth

Tapping the musical notes I dare not speak

Humming inside this hospital of Hospitality

I am closing the corridor

And opening the gap

I have to finish this impossible last lap

Pictures of you in black and white

Colliding with my memories in full color

When we were spending grace, and saving our sinful

When love was ours by the spoonful

But now, I have to face my day

Even if I am staring at its back

Free will has always been an illusion

And time a tricky confusion

via Daily Prompt: Hospitality