Whatchya Doin

Whatchya doin pretty girl?

Over there, half way round the world.

Are ya working hard? Watching TV?

Are ya daydreaming, thinking bout me?

I wonder sometimes, curiosity.

Call it infatuation, call it unhealthy.

But you are always on my mind, not just occasionally.

I’m talkin all the time. my mind never free.

So I’m pondering girl, whatchya ya up to now.

I wish I knew, some way, some how.

Our Worlds

Can you guess how I felt,

Looking at you for the first time.

Walking into a strange world,

Not knowing what I’d really find.

I couldn’t have guessed,

How damned right you’d feel.

Walking into your world,

Realising that we weren’t a dream.

I guess we found out,

That neither fear nor a dream.

Had walked into our worlds,

Had wiped our hearts clean.

And now, there’s nothing to guess,

We know our fates.

To live in our love’s world,

Which we both chose to create.

Come Inside

Come inside, don’t be shy,

I’ll not hurt, don’t be denied.

You’ll love what I write, you’ll love what I do.

I won’t mean to damage you.

Come inside, open your mind.

Enjoy the wonders that you find.

You’ll love how soft, you’ll love how hard.

You’ll love the freedom of no holds barred.

Come inside, Come to me.

Let lust take it’s course, let’s wander free.


Is this how I ensnared you my Beauty?