We’re Going To Fuck

I’m going to fuck you,

To fuck you hard,

I’m going to spread you,

Spread your legs wide.

I’m going to fill you,

Your cunt and your arse,

Filled brimming with cum,

Every drop to the last.

You’re going fuck me,

Ride me hard,

You’re going to grind down,

Deep til you gasp.

You’ll take all you can,

Milk each and every drop,

Riding til you can’t,

Til you have to stop.

Little White Cotton Panties

Little white cotton panties,

Pulled up showing all.

Leaving nothing to my imagination,

That lil wet patch has me enthralled.

My Babygirl in all her glory,

Teasing her Daddy til he’s hard.

Showing me what I want to eat,

Playing her hand of trump cards.

Little white cotton panties,

Slowly slipped to one side.

Showing just what I’d imagined,

The ooze of your lust from inside.

My Babygirl in all her glory,

Beckoning me to take to my knees.

Inviting me to come take a taste,

Inviting her Daddy to feast.