Happy Place

Wrap your legs around me,

Smother me in musk.

Keep me there in your lap,

Til our ashes turn to dust.

Never let me go,

My place is between your thighs.

Never ever say no,

This craving you can’t deny.

Climb, straddle my head,

Grind wet into my face.

For there intoxicated,

I’ll feel your angelic grace.

Together we’ll find our heaven,

Yours as you cum, me just being there.

Together we’ll find euphoria,

A happy place in a world of despair.

I Miss

I miss my palms, resting on your thighs.

I miss your glistening pussy, before my eyes.

I miss your fragrance, your sublime feminine scent.

I miss pleasuring you, my fetish, my bent.

I miss your taste, as your flavours flow.

I miss that twist, as you writhe and grow.

I miss you cumming, upon my eager mouth.

I miss giving you that thrill, as it’s mine, no doubt.


Fingers do oh so much good,

I wish right now my fingers could.

I wish they could stroke your soft warm skin,

Slip inside your mouth, to wet for sin.

My fingers caress, gliding over,

Down your neck and over your shoulder.

Tracing down your arching spine,

To cup that arse, that’s oh so fine.

My fingers feel how you are,

They sense if you’re near, or if you’re far.

They gauge whether I’m right or wrong,

They decide if you cum, just how strong.

Fingers do oh so much good,

I wish right now my fingers could.




Did You Really Squirt?

Did you really think of me,

As you came gushing over your rug.

Did you picture your daddy’s cock,

Imagine it inside you, did we fuck?

Did I arouse you that much,

That you lost control, did you really squirt?

Did you ejaculate,

Like me when I’m wanking, did you spurt?

I hope you did,

I want you to lose all control.

I need to hear that you did,

To warm my perverted filthy soul.