Captive In Lust

I wish to crawl into your heart,

I know the way, where to start.

It’s by opening you up, between your thighs,

To stretch you taut as I slip inside.

I want it to hurt as you receive my gift,

That sink to the depths as I slowly lift.

A tear shed, encouragement to my art,

A moan heard, not anticipating a stop after I start.

I wish to infect you with an incurable disease.

A craving for more that I give, a deeper need.

Agony felt up on my withdrawal,

Cries for more as I tease to a stall.

I know how to make you a captive in lust.

By taking you apart leaving nothing but trust.


Lord have mercy on my soul,

For given the chance I’d consume her whole.

I’d watch her dance, make her moves,

Then my turn would come to make my move.

I’d force her down, I’d open her up,

I’d take what’s mine, I’d eat then fuck.

Lord have mercy on my soul,

For my thoughts and deeds dig my hole.

The grave in which I’ll eternally sit,

For my thoughts for her are pure sacrilege.

Sexual Greed

Yeah I’ll keep you coming back,

You’ll come again and again.

I have all you want,

To keep that stain maintained.

Once you took a taste,

You were hooked on what I gave.

Some things only I can give,

Neglect I’ll keep at bay.

For I give what you want,

I am the pleasure you perceive.

I am your future yearning.

Stick with me and thou’s sure to receive.

I will definitely deliver.

Satiate your sexual greed.

Your mind can always rest easy.

Assured I’ll feed your dependency.


I like attention,

Just like you.

I need so much,

You do too.

We are a pair,

Made in similar moulds.

And the need we share,

Is brazen and bold.

For what better feeling,

Than feeling each other’s need.

What better craving,

Could we ever feel.

So need me please,

As hard as I need you.

Love me my Beauty,

As true as I’m true.