A Living Hell

I’m horny,

Yeah, that’s nothing new.

I suppose,

You already knew?

I want,

Oh God how I want!


Your shaved lil cunt.

I crave,

To lick it, to suck.

I ache,

To slip in, to fuck.

I’m horny,

Could you really tell?

This seperation,

A living fucking hell.




When This Thing Is Done

When this thing is done,

I’m coming to you.

And we’re going to do,

All we dream to do.

When this thing is done,

I’m gonna jump on a plane.

I’m going to fly over to fuck!

And in no way refrain.

When this thing is done,

I’ll do you too.

I’m gonna do you hard,

You know it’s true.

When this thing is done,

We’ll alleviate.

We’ll put right all our wrongs,

And it’ll feel fucking great!



Living in the here,

Living in the now.

Asking myself why?

Asking myself how?

Asking the world,

What did we all do?

To deserve this uncertainty,

To receive this truth.

But she’d answered before asked,

If truth be known.

She answered through fire,

Through hurricanes blown.

Through drought and through flood.

Through overcrowding and spilt blood.

She answered before I asked,

Clearly and understood.

We’re dying in the here,

We’re dying in the now.

And we don’t need to ask why,

For we already know how.