Under The Deck

Under the deck,

I saw you there.

Hiding and showing,

Slowly stripping bare.

Under the deck,

Hidden from the sun.

Lingerie worn,

Exposed sweet bum.

Under the deck,

I wish I were there.

Pushing against that wall,

Doing all we’d dare.

Under the deck,

We’d get our thrills.

Playing, fucking,

Til both fulfilled.

Sweet and Wholesome

Such a sweet and wholesome lil miss,

The image that my gorgeous girl gives.

Beauty that couldn’t possibly hide,

Anything perverted from your admiring eyes.

But let me share with you what the truth is,

Be honest about my sweet and wholesome lil miss.

Inside she’s a dark deviant whore,

Who wants nothing but to cum masturbating and more.

She loves cock and cum in every single hole,

She adores to be abused gives herself body and soul.

She’s sweet at times, she plays the little girl.

And sucks on my lollipop til my toes curl.

She wears lace, vinyl, and more.

She loves her gag, spankings are adored.

But when she’s with you, you’d never ever know.

For sweet and wholesome’s all she’ll ever show.

Such a sweet, caring, lovely lil miss,

Nothing but innocence you’d surely insist.