This and That

A part of me loves your sweetness, your light.

The other loves the darkness, the parts that you hide.

I admire the dutiful working mom,

I crave the slut who fucks just for fun.

In you resides both, each of this pair.

You hold these qualities and you’re willing to share.

A part of me wants this thing, the other that.

But you hold all, and you give, that’s a fact.

The Woodsman

The Woodsman lives alone,

Lives amongst the trees.

The earth can give most of what he wants,

But cannot give all his needs.

The Woodsman needs a mate,

A woman by his side.

Someone to share his creations,

To be a half of his life.

There with the earth and his Goddess,

The Woodsman can finally be free.

Living, breathing, and loving,

His world and it’s natural beauty.


Want complete

Not until I get what I want
I won’t stop
And what I want is you
I don’t want ordinary love
That painted gray room
It’s strangeness I assume…
Is my sameness in vain
I burned my bridges
But left my crosses
Bit by bit
I’ve been pulling….
Freeing my fluff
Hollowing creating my empty core
For you your love
And so much more
Come fill me
Come take your seat
Grant me my wish
Join our souls complete

Beauty and Beast wrote this together with love in our hearts.