No Stone Unturned

I’ll leave no stone unturned,
On pleasures quest.
I’ll use all my skills,
I’ll give you my best.
I’ll study intently,
Absorb knowledge you gift.
For I’ll never know enough,
For as long as I live.
Then I’ll bring it to bear,
My whole armoury.
I’ll use every weapon,
Available to me.
With all that I have,
I’ll make you cum.
Over and over,
Til you cry out you’re done.
So believe when I say,
I’ll leave no stone unturned.
To complete my quest,
With the skills I’ve learnt
For I have but one mission,
One mission in life.
That’s to bring you pleasure,
Night after night.

My Truth

I cannot banish your jealous heart,
I cannot bar your suspicious mind.
I will not cower, I will not hide.

I will reassure your trust in me,
I will only ever be what you see.
I cannot compromise, I cannot lie.

I cannot live my whole life in a box,
I cannot be held as something I am not.
I do give my whole heart to you.

I do promise you one more thing,
I do love you, how you make my heart sing.
I cannot deny that this is my truth.

Daily Prompt: Commit (I Commit)

commit myself to you my love.

As all here now bare witness.

I pledge my heart bound to you.

Forever my angel my sweet lil miss.

I commit my heart and soul to you.

I leave them in your safe grasp.

For I know of no one on this earth.

That I’d rather give this task.

I commit to also hold yours too.

To returning with my own guarantee.

That as long as I have air in my lungs.

You’ll be the girl for me.


❤    ❤     ❤    ❤    ❤    ❤    ❤    ❤

Thankyou Beauty.

Thankyou for loving me as I love you.

Thankyou for letting me love you.

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