3 Years Ago Today

3 years ago today,

You brought colour banishing grey.

Millions of wonderful varied hues,

Poured into my life my heart from you.

Thankyou for pulling me out of the black,

Thankyou for bringing my confidence back.

Thankyou for all you give and do,

Thankyou for letting me fall in love with you.

Three years ago today,

You came into my life, we wanted to play.

But quickly we realised it wasn’t a game,

And our Love at first sight grew to stay.

We Are All

We are all one colour,

We are all one creed.

Whether here,

Or there overseas.

To the stars we’re the same,

As we are to disease.

Only your eyes see a difference,

Only your minds decree.

If we don’t banish futile tribalism,

If we can’t come together as one.

We as a species on earth,

Will soon be over, done.

And with us all other life,

Will be burnt from this rock.

It’s there for all to see,

It shouldn’t come as a shock.

We are all one colour,

We are all one creed.

And only together as one,

Can we save humanity.