Daily Prompt: Froth (Ravenous)

I’m frothing at the mouth
An infection so deep
In my eyes
In my sex

Frothing at the mouth
As your pussy seeps
I’m ravenous
Can’t you see
I’m hexed

Something beautiful happening to me….
A metaphorical metamorphosis
Let it happen my love
A million miles per hour

Something scary happening to me…
A change speedy
Filling me
Filling me with fire

Love is on the bone
For us to gnaw
For us to share
Do we dare?

Hell fucking yes!
Hell yes!
I’ll feast as will you.
Well eat each other raw.
Til blood drips, succulently rare.


My Beauty and her Beast writing in perfect lust filled harmony… Enjoy!


via Daily Prompt: Froth


My genie is out of her bottle

And you are to blame

Beast, your bitch is in heat!

A dog eat dog world…?

It should be a beast eat beauty world!

Happiness a la Aristotle

That’s the name of our game!

And my epicurean stained skin is delicious to eat…

Collaboration my love! Our words twisted and curled…

Verses of you and me…swirled


via Daily Prompt: Collaboration