Truly Adore

The pleasure flowed through me as I lapped up your slit.

My cock bulged to burst as I teased your little clit.

You asked how you tasted, I didn’t have words.

For you taste like nothing I’ve tasted on earth.

I held your legs open as you tried to deny.

I made you cum and cum again, I took you higher than high.

And there as you shook and begged me no more.

I finished the act that I truly, truly, truly adore.

Sexbeing on fire

Today I’m a live-wire

Dribbling the heat…

That your balls will soon be shooting

March Madness indeed

So pull up a seat

Use your hand✊🏻

And free your body’s kickstand!

Your eyes will salivate

Your other mind will begin to weep

And you will begin to divulge

The contents of your big-bulge💦

Watch me!

Watch me become victorious…

Watch me!

Wanding until I’m clitorious...💥


I’m a pyromaniac

And a nymphomaniac

Sex being on fire🔥

Takes on new meaning

For your private screening📱