Like the present…

Salivation pours…
As your tongue spreads it
Like melted butter across your teeth
And before you swallow it down
You taste the oily evidence…
Of anticipation!
You’ve prayed
For this prey
All those camouflaged desires
Blackened eyes
And verbal-stab wounds
Hiding behind life’s alternate facade
Toe tapping anxiousness
Glimpsing a ray of sunshine
Are you ready?
You say to yourself…
It’s fight or flight
She’s in your sight
And your site…
There’s no time
Like the present
Feeling cocksure…
Your cock’s sure too
Her white meets your white
Or is it your black?
Your lips smack
It feels like a heart attack!
She looks at you
You wonder if she’s waiting for you to pull the trigger….

via Daily Prompt: Present

I want to let our love fly

I long to Simplify

And shed my skin

I want what’s real…

What’s inside

Not what’s outside

Life has scratched my surface

But you are the only one

That’s penetrated

Someday the world will see me as I really am

The me that you see

When I free myself, when I Simplify

When I let our love fly

via Daily Prompt: Simplify

My Ashes Scattered

Your hand Stifles my moan

The words I would speak

My body’s song

Now I am lying in wait

For your return

My face to the sky

Absorbing its downpour

The dust is settling

Or is it pieces of me, of you?

That I feel…

Crashing down

Like those waves

Pretending we are the mavericks

Pretending that we are the swell

via Daily Prompt: Stifle

Daily Prompt: Entertain (I wanted to be happy)

I decided I wanted to be happy.

The day that I chose you.

Sure it’s been hard at times,

But some things ya gotta do.

I won’t entertain a life without us,

I won’t ever consider that because,

I’m your soulmate, you are mine,

Each other’s true happiness in our lives.

I decided I wanted to be happy.

The day that I chose you.

And that happiness through love.

Just grew and grew and grew.


I love you my Beauty, Thankyou for letting me choose you.


via Daily Prompt: Entertain

A Cup With No Lid

How can a thumb crush?

Pressing mine against the window

I’m looking at the world on the other side

It’s making me so cold in the middle…

My eyes close on a deep breath

As my thumb depresses the up

My spirit is in such a shaking rush…

I’m standing on one leg like a pink flamingo

So pretty to look at…even though I’m nibbling at my hide

I wanna get high and lost, and that’s not a riddle

A light shone down yesterday, it was a little death

I tried to catch it, but I didn’t have a lid on my cup

My Lips Are Sealed

The seal of your confessor

Grips you tight

She wants to separate you from your dirty skeleton

Revealing what you don’t want anyone else to see

You’ve such a thick tongue depressor…

She’s sucking you with all her might

Releasing and eating all your creamy secret gelatin

And with it giving you an opportunity to finally be free

Will you take it?