Here’s To Us

For the last two years I’ve written for you.

I’ve poured out my heart, recorded my mind too.

I’ve been sexy and soppy in almost equal share.

I’ve written it here, cos you’re over there.

You’ve done the same, you’ve shared this place.

You’ve written of love, of it’s beauty, it’s grace.

You’ve received me, you’ve sheltered, taken me in.

You’ve shared with me, all that we’ve long held in.

We’re in love, us two, we’re adoring in equal measure.

And this blog that we’ve created, is our own hidden treasure.

So here’s to us, to another wonderful year.

Here’s to us, and the love we share here.

You aren’t ‘just’ anything

Frothy fantasies

A private peep-show in my head

Replaying everything you once said…

About how you brought me back from the dead

So hypnotic, so erotic

You became my narcotic

It feels good to go down…

On you

An appetite for destruction

I welcomed you into my jungle

It’s so easy, to think about you…

Our emotions could fill the oceans

High then low tides

Oh…those dirty, filthy slides

Pictures inside of pictures inside of pictures

I have read every word of your scriptures

My love,

I have a fetish for life

Not strife

No one knows what the future will bring

You never were ‘just’ a fling

via Daily Prompt: Tide

Tangled Inside Of You

Fantasies involving flesh

You and your ‘lil miss

Sharing your poems and stories

Here there is no policing of your thoughts

As they make visible tracks upon my skin

Oh…the seductive power of these possible sins!

Blogging to illustrate our history

Or predict our future?

If you’ve never been broken…

How can you know true Bliss?

Awareness of possible pain

A risk taken again and again

Writing on request

Where acceptance is the quest

And love…the ultimate conquest

Ensnared in an alphabet

Trapped inside each letter

Caught up inside of you

I’m tangled in your Bliss

via Daily Prompt: Bliss