Love Finds Us

Love finds us,

No matter if we hide.

It seeks a host,

No matter how we’re disguised.

It flourishes,

Strengthens, grows.

It holds us,

If you’ve felt it, you know.

Love finds us,

When we cry out for its warmth.

It binds us,

When our moorings are torn.

It repairs us,

Puts our pieces back into place.

Life wouldn’t be life,

Without love’s blessings, its beauty, its grace.

Our World

When we don’t have what we want,
It’s hard.
When we can’t get what we need,
It’s hard.
When our lives conspire to let us down,
It’s hard.
When our stars just weren’t aligned,
It’s hard.
But we should be thankful nonetheless,
Be grateful for what we have.
Appreciate the blessings blown our way,
Be grateful for what we have.
Hopeful that much more is one the way,
Be grateful for what we have.
Content that the world will deliver our request,
And be grateful for what we have.