I want an eager little bitch,

Someone who’s horny all of the time.

A girl willing to please,

With a drive and mind like mine.

I want an adventure whore,

Who’d push the boundaries she sees.

One who’d test my stamina,

Who’d have me as well as her on our knees.

I want a partner in crime,

Someone perverted, irreverent, mind skewed.

I was looking for all these qualities,

And my Beauty that’s what I found in you.


No Ordinary Couple

We’re no ordinary couple, me and you.

Nothing is boring in what we do.

We see sights and do wonderful things.

Nothing, is as it would seem.

To the onlooker we walk holding hands.

But they’ve no idea how deep that runs.

That we saved each other from certain death.

We literally give each other our next living breath.

We’re no ordinary couple, me and you.

I’ll defy anyone alive or dead to try and disprove.

I Want You


I want you.

Not just a girl off the internet,

Not a random stranger that I happened to have met,

But the bubbly beautiful girl of my dreams,

The woman that has me bursting my seams.


I want you.

Not just a best friend for life,

Not just the woman I’ll make my wife,

But my soul mate for all eternity,

My other half found, completing me.


I want you!

That’s all that I’ll say,

That’s what’s in my heart everyday,

No buts here, no buts at all,

So catch me my love catch as I fall.