Such A Girl

Such a gorgeous girl,
Personified sin.
Open thighs,
Pulling me in.
Such a horny girl,
Embodiment of lust.
Wanting my cock,
Needing to be fucked.
Such a loving girl,
The home for my soul.
So warm and tender,
Giving all.
Such a precious girl,
A treasure found.
To be kept safe forever,
Eternity bound.


You don’t understand how beautiful you are.

Each time I see you it’s like being hit by a car.

It never ever ceases to amaze.

That I’m the one that gets to give you praise.

That you chose me to bestow your love.

That you say that I’m good enough.

You don’t understand how just damned beautiful you really are.

And how hard it is being so far apart.

But you know as I, that it won’t be forever.

And one day we will be together.



That will be forever my Beauty.




You were just being silly,

So silly I’m hard.

Watching you dance,

Watching you lips part.

I was just being needy,

As I got into the shower.

After watching you,

Stroke your pink flower.

We were just having fun,

As our thoughts made us cum.

Looking and wanting,

A want that’s never done.