You Make Love To My Brain (in more ways than one)

A gentle pushback

And the tip of my tongue

Licks up your smooth underside


Tonight…my lucky mouth gets to jack

Until every drop is wrung

Your…useful foreskin will slip and slide…


As it dances with my bobbing head

And my hands, saliva drenched

Will start to grip, twist, and stroke


Working, working, working, I need to get fed!

I want your pleasure on a Loop, and your heart entrenched

So, shove in deeper Beast… and make me choke!


Your poetry and words

Make love to my brain…

Now I want your big fat cock to!


Hehe…on a side note…I love that we are both nerds!!!🤓

Now…give me all your cum!! let it spurt out and drain….

As I start working on round number two

via Daily Prompt: Loop


Maybe you look like a nerd at work…

In your cute little office shirts

All buttoned up, and tucked in your slacks

But I know the real you…

And yes, maybe you are a bit nerdy

But you are also altogether pervy!

With a huge, thick cock I love to jerk

(Yes…I love to jerk it too!)

And a poetically inventive talent for hip-thrusting….

(whoooo-haaaa….hell yesssssssss……..)

So, yea…you’re a nerd

And I am a hard-core (it’s actually soft, wet, and warm) nerd-lover…

Wanna know why?

Cuz you fuck way-better than any other non-nerd guy!!!