You Know

You know what you want,

For your needy lil cunt.

You know it’s what I got,

Hard, glistening, throbbing cock.

You know that I can use it too,

In fact I’d say you abuse it’s use.

My slut, my whore, my horny girl.

Wanting to be fucked til her cock hungry toes curl.

You know what you want,

I know too to be perfectly blunt.

You want me fucking you in every hole.

The only way to quell the need in your lustful soul.

Oh To Be Quarantined

Oh to be quarantined, locked down just me and you.

Locked away for weeks, what an opportunity to use.

Our solitude without interruption, sheer fucking bliss.

Just a daddy and his babygirl, his horny lil miss.

We’d do absolutely everything, we’d play so soft, so hard.

And once your lil cunt’s too sore, we’d start using your arse.

You’d dress to tease, from cute to whorish slut.

Each and every outfit, screaming come daddy fuck!

And I would, cos no virus could ever stop.

Me wanting my sick twisted way, taking what you’ve got.

Oh to be quarantined, locked down just me and you.

Making the most of the time we’d have, fucking away the flu.

Daddy and I wrote a poem today❤️

Your eyes belie the disguise

The anger simmering

Fury swirling like rays

You’ve been a little witch

This has been coming

Brewing for days

And like candy sprinkles

Sinking into sweet frosting

I can’t move from your gaze

Get your arse here

Get those knickers down

And pray

I’m afraid, I’ve displeased

So, I will daddy…get on my knees

And words will pass between us

The time for words has passed

My belt will give the effect that lasts

Now do it without a fuss

My hands fall down on the bed

And my bum sways up

As I spread my knees…

Good girl compliant at last

This punishment I must cast

For discipline and my needs

You can’t see me, my smile

The Desire, a forest fire in my eyes

My plan is working!

Whack sparks fly free into the night

Smack your fire dowsed by tears that you fight

Swipe your legs shaking, jerking

I live for this, for what we do

Flesh like cake, you squeeze, take

And I whimper for you, my love

I live for this, for what we do

Flesh that’s mine I choose to use

And you whimper for me, my love.