Our play

Hot horny in need of cum,

Bent over waiting, parting your bum.

Daddy pleeeeaaase! Fuck it now!

Refuse? Jeez! You tell me how!?

So, lubed my phallus glistens bright,

Ready to enter for the first time tonight.

Ready to stretch my Beauty’s holes,

Ready to fill her very soul.

Ready to fuck her as she’d like,

Ready to save her from her plight.

So with whispered words and a gentle entré,

I pierce her slowly to start our play.


Daily Prompt: Mercy (Mercy, mercy me)

Mercy, mercy me!

Can’t you fucking see?

What you my love of loves,

Are doing to your Daddy. 

Don’t you realise?

It’s all there in your eyes.

As you tease me as you stroke,

With wide open thighs.

Mercy, mercy me!

I find it hard to believe.

That you my babygirl.

Don’t know, can’t ever see.

I know you realise.

You can see it in my eyes.

As I kneel to take a taste.

Between your wanting thighs.

Mercy, mercy me!

I’m gonna set you free.

My tongue and hand will work.

I’ll hear my Beauty squeal.

And there I’ll realise.

I’ll feel it in those thighs.

As you shudder, buck and cum.

And we feel the high of highs.

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Perfect for your babygirl!!!

You’ve kept in disguise

Hidden behind your flys

Such a sweet, delicious treat

A different sort of meat…

Perfect for your babygirl! 

For her fingers to wrap and curl

For her tongue to lick and swirl

For her pussy to coat in honeyed pearl…

An all-day hard candy Lollipop!!!

Oh….how I wish to absorb it like a mop…

Suck on it so thorough, make it go…’pop’

I want it and you daddy…full stop.

via Daily Prompt: Lollipop

I am sorry Daddy

I am a naughty brat

I am a naughty brat

I am a naughty brat

There Daddy….

I have said it three times

I AM sorry

I need to practice patience

I need to practice being a polite girl

Who can wait

Instead of practicing driving you crazy

I don’t want a crazy Daddy!!!

I want my perfect…bestest Daddy in the whole wide world


I AM sorry

I love you Daddy

With all my heart


And ever…

Happily ever after Daddy!!!


A Chance And A Choice

Cover my eyes daddy

Let’s play peek-a-boo

I don’t see you, but then I do

I see all of you, deep inside of you:

We are a chance, and a choice

Plug my ears daddy

When your tongue tastes my tears

So many fall, two by two for all of the years

And as your heart listens to me, it hears:

We are a chance, and a choice

Kiss my lips daddy

I need to feel we are real

Making love with our mouth-to-mouth seal

Saliva washing away all our past hurts, so we can heal:

We are a chance, and a choice

Fit yourself inside daddy

Make us one instead of two

A new anatomy of me and you

Bonded strong, forever loving dejavu:

We are a chance, and a choice

I love you daddy. The way you treat me, your support, the kindness you always show me…the love you have for me, and those around you. It speaks Volumes about the man you are. You are quite simply put, magnificent. I thank my lucky stars every single day that you found me. You are my forever. We’ve spent half of our lives apart. We will spend the last half making up for it all. I adore you. You have brought absolute joy into my life. Forever, ybg

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I’m a whore at night

Scissoring with piggie
Grinding for a star-flight
Taking and giving wet tongue baths…
Piggie and I like to play pretend
Both of us fingering the rainbows end
We see shining between my thighs
A pot so full of warm golden honey
It’s our sticky sweet surprise!
Pleasure is there if we dare
And bliss is our only care
You dip in first piggie!
Daddy doesn’t know we do this
I wonder if he would be disappointed in his ‘lil miss?